"A home for students, by students"

What is Slug Shelter?


Slug Shelter is a student-led organization at UCSC that is committed to providing a temporary living space for college students experiencing homelessness in the Santa Cruz area. Our goal is to create a safe, reliable space that meets the physical and emotional needs of these students, enabling them to devote more time to their studies and other professional pursuits. With this program, we hope to mitigate the financial struggles endured by students who are most affected by the high cost of living in Santa Cruz. In addition, we offer student volunteers valuable, hands-on experience in building a strong community.


Important Note: Our shelter is currently not operational since our team is still in search of a location for the shelter. If you are in need of housing, please refer to the "Resources" tab above.

What we do?

Housing and Food


Provide semi-permanent housing to students in need, as well as meals for the students who live there



Connect each student with a mentor specializing in social work and with the housing and financial aid system to assist them with finding a more permanent housing solution



Offer volunteer experience and exceptional professional development opportunities to students who wish to help operate it. The team will consist of a range of positions for students who will fill roles ranging from managerial roles to Resident Assistants. 

Stand with us


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You can make a difference today! Your gift will help homeless students directly by supporting the operation of Slug Shelter! All our donations will be used for running the shelter.

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